some MAP drawings

Constellation (Earth at Night: latitude: 22.282460, longitude: 114.161571)

Constellation (Earth at Night: latitude: 46.860519, longitude: 114.019501)

Constellation (Earth at Night: latitude:30.572269, longitude:104.066541)

Constellation (Earth at Night: latitude:47.920000, longitude:106.920000)

Constellation (Earth at Night: latitude:38.840280, longitude:97.611424)

Constellation [recto]

Constellation [verso]

Found Islands [verso]

City (New Orleans)

City (Baltimore)

City (Baltimore) animated

City (Paris, remembered)

City (Dublin, remembered)

City (Salina) animated

City (Wichita)

City (Salina)


The World, Remembered

Found Continents (November)


some SHADOW drawings

September 9, 2012

August 30, 2012

August 23, 2012

August 19, 2012

April 16, 2012 (Storm King)



some drawn objects

137.5 degrees

The Golden Bough

The Golden Bough (drawn)

On Aggression

On Aggression (History of the World)


Abstract Drawing (I)

Old News (yoga mat, I)

Old News (yoga mat, II)

Reconstituted Land (I)

Reconstituted Land (III)

A Rare Psychedelic (LOTS)

The Last High


some ATLAS drawings

New York

New Orleans

New Orleans

New Orleans

Water Atlas (Salina)

Water Atlas (geologic timeline)

Geologic timeline